We are a new company, in which the following premises will be part of our daily life:

Responding to the needs of our customers

Engineering and production of CNC services

For drilling, cutting, tearing and machining

Aluminium and other materials

Leader in customer service

Refal is a company with its own charisma. Above all our focus will be on the customer and serve them in their needs. To serve you, to accompany you, to inform you and to walk with you – it will be a partnership. We intend to be at the side of each one of our clients, because each one of them is very important to us and will therefore have its own space.

Each client, each project will be a challenge for us.

However, the current world tells us that along with all the activity, we must have concerns that go beyond our company, so that we can all continue on this planet, and that we must not neglect:

  • Our planet – environmental concerns – Sustainability
  • The family – concern for each employee and their well-being.
  • Success in business – concern for each one of our customers.
  • Civil society – concern for the society in which we operate.
  • Harmony – concern for others who have related to us
  • Seriousness and honesty – We believe they are indispensable for trust.

Of course, the company’s objectives in terms of results are also very ambitious, but we believe that with this attitude of delivery and hard work we will be able to achieve our objectives and still help our customers to achieve theirs as well.

The company comes up with very ambitious goals in general, but with a single purpose to serve the customer.

The company emerges with the ambition to serve the customer, and to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. Our focus is always on the customer, from the initial approach to the delivery of the material, not to mention the after-sales service.

We want to have the service tailored to the needs of the customer.